Welcome to our site, I go by “Hawaii” Mike, together with my wife Stephanie, we are Chef For Higher. To put it in simple terms we are passionate about food, community and cannabis so we decided to pair them into a unique gastronomic adventure.

Food makes us horny and the right meal can be damn near orgasmic, a true multi-sensory stimulation. With that in mind, we took the time to master our craft, spending countless hours working on techniques to ensure we deliver a consistent experience. We now achieve this through thoughtfully crafted menus, curated guest lists and dope venues.

Over the past two years we’ve produced more than 50 dinners for private, corporate clients and our exclusive, members only pop up supper clubs. Safe to say we know what we’re doing, we even have a phrase for it: Responsible consumption through proper dosing™. 

Without giving too much away, one thing that sets us apart is we don’t approach this solely from the mind of a chef. We cut our teeth working in hip hop, we’re creators, innovators and style leaders, we’ve been producing exclusive shit for years. This isn’t a cool trend we’re jumping on this is the lifestyle we’ve always led, we’re just finally able to start sharing it with more than our immediate circle of friends.

We built this website to give you a little peek into who we are and showcase what we do. If you’re feeling the vibe sign up for a supper club membership and hopefully we’ll see you at the table soon. Do You Fly Private?