4/20 is one of our busiest times of the year, for obvious reasons. This year fell on a Friday, so we embraced that and used it as the theme. Each item on the menu had a “Smokey” element to it from the adobo chipotle peppers in the shrimp cocktail to the Heritage Foods Bone-in Pork loin we smoked for 12 hours. Peep the pics below so your eyes can get a taste of the goodness. Hope to see you at the table soon!

Photos by @nashish

CAPRESE CROSTINI: smoked mozzarella, blistered heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto, CFH evoo SMOKED TEA: infused vodka, lapsing soughing, CFH mint lemonade, brûlée lemonCHIPOTLE SHRIMP COCKTAIL: red onion, peppers, citrus, adobo chipotleRoasted Artichoke: smoky aioli, CFH butter, charred lemonHERITAGE FOODS SMOKED CHOP: mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus in brown butterWHISKY CARAMEL LAVA CAKE: CFH caramel, powdered sugar

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