Hawaii Mike Brings a Higher Cannabis Cuisine to New York

Hawaii Mike Brings a Higher Cannabis Cuisine to New York

Word is spreading in the Big Apple about Hawaii Mike and the supper club dinners he provides through Chef for Higher. Boardroom sits down with the chef to talk about his journey.

Underground cannabis dinners have always been popular in the cannabis company. They are multi-course meals with infused dishes that go much further than a simple gummy or brownie. With continued state-by-state cannabis legalization, we are seeing more companies use these infused dinners to partner with chefs, launch brands, and spread the word about their products.

Out in New York, one of the OGs in the culinary cannabis world is Hawaii Mike, owner of the Chef for Higher brand, known for its supper club dinners and being at the intersection of community, culinary, and culture. He has operated in the legacy cannabis space since a youth, raised by a father who hustled. This allowed Hawaii Mike to grow into the music space and ultimately move to New York City from the Bay Area. Since 2015, Chef for Higher has hosted over 200 private dinners.

Hawaii Mike talked with Boardroom recently to discuss Chef for Higher’s journey and how legalization has affected the NYC-infused dinner scene.

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